Foreign artists in Belgium

Do you want to work in Belgium? Then there are several things to consider. You must satisfy a number of obligations if you receive compensation.To be well prepared, you should also scour a number of websites.

What should you know about Belgium before you leave?

You may already know that King Albert and Queen Paola are our sovereign rulers.But do you also know what Belgians like to eat or drink? Or what sort of weather you can expect?
Find out all about Belgium.

What are your obligations if you receive compensation?

How do things work as regards the compensation you receive for your work in Belgium? Are you liable for taxes, social security contributions or VAT? And what about your visa, professional card or work permit?
Find out what you have to do if you receive compensation for your work in Belgium.

Where can you find interesting information on the web?

You will find a great deal of information on the Internet if you want to work in Belgium.We can help you on your way with websites about:



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