About the Kunstenloket


The Kunstenloket provides information and advice to any individual who has questions about the commercial and legal aspects of an artistic activity. Organisations in the cultural and creative sectors are referred to Upwards cvba (www.upwards.be) where they also receive business and legal guidance and advice.

On our website you will find the answer to a great deal of questions about the social status of the artist, income tax, VAT, copyright, forms of organisation, marketing and promotion, financial management, insurance, international work, etc.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can e-mail or call us. If necessary, you can also make an appointment with a consultant. You will then have an hour in which to ask all your questions. An appointment can be made in Antwerp, Brussels or Ghent, or on Skype. We also organise training during which we go into the various topics in more detail.