The Artist Committee


·        The issuance of

-      the artist visa

= confirmation of the artistic nature of his/her work in the context of social protection as an employee if there is no employment contract.

-      declaration of self-employed activity

= optional statement in case of work of an artistic nature performed under the social status of a self-employed person

-      the artist card

= means of inspection in the context the small expense compensation system for artists

·        inform artists, on their request, about rights and obligations in relation to the social security system depending on whether they have employee or self-employed person status;

·        give advice about drafts of laws, decisions and all standard drafts which are presented to it by the author of these drafts.

Decisions of the Artist Committee become final when no appeals are lodged. Appeals can be lodged with the employment tribunal within a month following the notification of the decisions.


The Committee consists of 2 chambers.

1 French-speaking and 1 Dutch-speaking chamber with each:

                              1 representative of:

·        The National Social Security Office (NSSO)

·        National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE)

·        National Employment Office (NEO)

·        The Communities

3 representatives of:

·        Interprofessional trade associations

·        Employer organisations

·        The artistic sector



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