Who are you going to promote yourself to?

Who are you going to promote yourself to?

Promotion only has a chance of success if you have an idea of who could be interested in your work.

Define your target audience

In the artistic world your target audience mostly falls into one of the following categories:

  • programmer: concert organiser, curator;
  • ‘broader’ public or end consumer: concertgoer, collector, music lover;
  • Middle men: booking office, management, gallery;
  • ‘support’: press, other artists etc.

As an individual artist you might find it very difficult to reach all the target audiences. The broader public is for example an impossible goal if you still want to have time for your art. Focus then on the middle men or on the programmer. Make sure that you address the right people. An artistic director is not necessarily your ideal interlocutor. 

Look through the eyes of your target audience

You have more chance of attracting your target audience’s interest if you have previously attempted to understand what this target group is looking for or what they are interested in. Production houses, workshops, middle men, programmers, curators and other players often have their own vision and objectives!
As an experienced artist with a respectable record of achievements to your name, there is for example little point in approaching an organiser who is specialised in so-called ‘up and coming talent’.



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