Promotion is a way of putting your work in the spotlight and creating a reputation.

Why should you get involved in promotion?

Strictly speaking you don’t really need to promote your artistic activity. But if you want wider recognition for your work or you want to earn a living from it, then promotion is useful. As an artist you have a lot of competition. Catching people’s eye amongst the masses is not easy and providing a higher quality of work is, unfortunately, no guarantee that you will stand out from the crowd.
When promoting yourself, your starting point should always be your personality as an artist. So you should not put your artistic integrity in danger when promoting your work. Producing work which responds to specific trends or tastes, or ‘work that is more popular to the masses’, is definitely not what we are talking about.

What is promotion not about?

Promotion is not positioning. Positioning is part of the thinking process that takes place before promotion. That is how you define what you really stand for as an artist.
It is also not about sales. Promotion means putting your work in the spotlight. Whether or not that then results in sales depends on what the potential consumer is interested in and unfortunately, as a rule, you have little or no impact on that.

How should you go about promotion?



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