Are you looking for residency possibilities in Belgium?


Residencies in Belgium

Arts workplace

A workplace is an organisational form that focuses on supporting the artistic creative process and on providing services for artists.A workplace offers artists a space to work and supports the artistic research and/or creative process via content-based feedback or assistance and via production-related support. Some workplaces also provide commercial support as well as artistic and production-related support. Workplaces are artistic laboratories and are as such initially geared towards processes rather than results. Presentation and the link with the pubic are of secondary importance, but may be addressed as part of the production process.

You will find an overview of workplaces, including:

Residencies in the visual arts and media

  • Overview on the website of BAM: search ‘news’, click ‘residencies’ (Frans Masereel, Air, Wiels)
    Also:Bains connectives, Buda, FLACC (under workplaces, not residencies)

Residencies in the liberal arts

Residencies in dance



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